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Luciano Barbera

Luciano Barbera

Established in 1971, the Luciano Barbera® brand carries since the philosophy of its founder, Luciano Barbera, who developed "clothing for people who believe in individuality and intelligence". The strong belief of the company is that the care in the small details is what creates the ultimate refined garment. The collections, entirely manufactured in Italy, are aimed at the man and woman who distinguish themselves with class, without losing their identity.

New markets in new geographical areas stimulate creativity and are convinced and enchanted by it. Luciano Barbera® confirms itself as a unique Master in his field, with his way of renewing classical elegance not betraying it but opening up new horizons. Attention for details, Italian taste, innovation in selecting and combining fabrics and materials and the Barbera’s touch are blowing in the right direction and the brand is fearlessly sailing before the wind.

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